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A Generation of Quality Pump Manufacturing
For over 50 years, Regent Pumps has been at the forefront of pump manufacturing in Australia. Over this period, Regent has achieved steady growth and today has become a leading supplier ot quality pumps to commercial, industrial and domestic applications, both in Australia and globally. Regent operates a modern manufacturing plant in Melbourne and markets its range of products through an international network of specialist distributors. It operates a separate high pressure division, Advance Pressure Technology, who manufacture a range of truck and trailer mounted high pressure sewer and drain cleaning machines. The corner stone of Regent’s success has been the focus on developing innovative, quality pumping solutions that will stand the test of time at a competitive price.
A Regent Pump for Every Application
The need to effectively transfer and control liquids extends to many varied industries and applications. For example, air conditioning, waste water disposal, heating and ventilation, refridgeration, fire protection, plumbing circulation, water transfer, food and chemical processiong, marine applications and many more...
Reliability You Can Depend On
Over the years, Regent has forged a reputation for producing robust pumps that provide reliable service, day after day, year after year, in some of the world's harshest conditions. At Regent, there is absolutely no compromise on quality. Put simply: our pumps are built to last. Over 50 years experience goes into ewry pump Regent produces. We only use the most durable materials, while our engineering standards and stringent quality control measures ensure reliable performance throughout the long life of our products. Whatever your pumping task, you can rest assured you will receive great value from your investment in a Regent Pump.


Low Voltage - IEC High Voltage - HGF
Marathon Electric
NEMA Frame Hazardous / Explosion Proof